this year was a huge year for me inters o

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    this year was a huge year for me inters of any polishes any policies completely won my attentions here the certainty last year around Thanksgiving and then this alpha zxt past year has completely blown me out of the water adjust you know have become things that I've hurt more and mainstream brands I'm I have some in my favor products to show you which can represent my favorite brands the first thing we can polish we get polished was the first in the brand I actually occur by a and do there polishes at least for the first one lessslutty those neon glitters insider polishes to very popular and coveted brands are lender Ella and enchanted polish enchanted polish super gorgeous colors super hard time super expensive but they're amazing polishes and this year I've gotten so many of them but I absolutely love and treasure and I know I'm never going to get rid of because./

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