the Dragons triangle around Japan heading

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    the Dragons triangle around Japan heading toward Okinawa home just after midnight suddenly and without warning a cylindrical metallic UFO like object to seem to rise slowly from these Park the dart away into the sky the object ability to harbor has caused aimee eye lift serum experts like a charger to believe that the crap was not man-made moved to Tuesday the event remains a mystery no %uh eight months after this Russian event another significant incident occurs in almost the exact same location one of the more we think a schism fascinating place is the talking cure to mar world from1981 they spotted roof actually USO coming-out of the water the April 17th 1981 that is a clear day and the seas are calm the potatoes165 for Japanese trading cookie you're going to ruin the sailing 200 miles of Commons of with over 30 crew members suddenly the prove his rock a shockwaves roll through their ship .

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