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    Hello all you naughty little dolls reading this.
    I am in search of a thin, young, slutty little girl.
    A naughty little thing who desires to serve above all else.
    A kinky minded girl as depraved as myself.
    A dirty young doll who wishes to be owned and controlled.

    I desire a cute little doll.
    Someone who will serve and obey her master in every way.
    Someone with few, if any, limits to prevent her from becoming a perfect little whore.
    Someone ready and willing to fulfill her owner's every desire, no matter how filthy.

    I lust for a perfect young girl.
    A pretty little fuck doll to call mine.
    A slutty girl ready to be broken and used.
    A needy little thing willing to hand over control of her life to her owner.

    I wish for a thin, young, slutty little girl.
    Who will dress as her master suggests.
    Who will pleasure herself as her owner demands.
    Who will orgasm only when her owner permits.
    Who will follow her master's word as law.
    Who will serve her master as if he were her god.
    Who will do anything to satisfy him.
    Who will be my obedient little piss whore.

    I am in need of a perfect, young little doll.
    I dream of a slutty little girl who will come to me kneeling willingly.
    If your pussy drips from my words...
    If you desperately desire to serve entirely...
    If you are willing to give control of your life to a master...
    Then do not be afraid.
    Do not be shy.
    Make yourself known to me, accept the filthy desires in your heart.
    I will be waiting to hear from you.

    I can be reached on Kik at: realm_ofdesire
    Should you decide to contact me, please message me with a little information about yourself.
    Who you are, what your deepest, darkest fantasies are, any limits you have.
    I look forward to heading from you.

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