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    gone the circle detailed reports the men alpha zxt tell yousenator over and over again they just don't want to knock box in our right we want you want to work withlike-minded of the villages that have been issued based a new reality abstaining will tell meabout your research at least even briefly obviously about this sound the got first downs did thatcome through the channeling or was that did you reach that a different way nursecompletely accidental at least one of the residents nearby we we so dirty creeds a recent touriststhis duty governor inner really experiencethe Senators and while we work really think rearingtheir the grass cycles from the guys were picking upsome besides line garner all you want you with him through while the Suns so you can walk on youknow your and as a partner I was start nurse sir home number this is like these stones repairing they have a verydistant here in like bells and an ass just stood before an absurdthem as they were piling up the stars and andthen I started walking around the Sun tapping the Stearns withanother smallest known to realize it each stone rings at adifferent frequency and I certainly won't hold on this ismuch more just a stone structure these this specific I'm ...

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