Ftm Sub Looking For Strip Search / Medical Roleplay

Discussion in 'Dirty Kik Messenger' started by Jamieftm, Nov 10, 2018.

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    United Kingdom
    I’m a 31 year old, chubby pre op trans guy (so born “female”). Looking for someone to strip search me and or give me a medical exam. Happy to take photos of everything but my face as we go along.

    Haven’t had any surgery yet so I still have a large chest and the original stuff between my legs. I don’t do any kind of vaginal penetration, but I enjoy playing with what’s on the outside. Quite a bit of body hair from hormones.

    Have my own stethoscope, thermometer, measuring tape and gown etc for us to play with. I’m not shy and also like to be asked intimate questions, as a doctor would do.

    Kik is examineme

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