Dom Looking For A Skinny, Submissive White Girl

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    I'm a Dom, Master and Daddy, looking for a submissive white girl to control, train and make into my perfect whore.

    Contact info and instructions at the bottom.

    I want a girl who wants to serve, enjoys being used, and loves the attention that comes with being the focus of her Dom's attention.

    Age, relationship status, and location are not important. Toys, lingerie, and the like are a bonus but not actually needed either.

    You must be: white, skinny or fit, obedient, have some privacy, and ready to take nudes. Your face does not need to be seen but I'd prefer if you didn't mind.

    Some of my kinks for you: Anal, feet, training, teaching, power exchange, rules, wardrobe control, public play, collaring, pet play, body writing, orgasm control, squirting/pee. These are not requirements and if you're not interested in something you will not have to do it.

    Aftercare is important even for a slut. You'll have positive attention, validation, praise and all that good stuff.

    Message me on KIK at Master.Zee and open with your age, country, and hair colour and I'll respond when I can.

    Keep in mind that you will verify with a very easy and specific writing task to prove you're a girl. Have something to write on and with if you wanna speed things up.​
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