Anyone Want To "chat"? F18

Discussion in 'Kik Messenger Chat' started by Mendura, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Mendura

    Mendura Member

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  2. steven94187

    steven94187 New Member

    I will if your a real person lol
  3. Redo

    Redo Member

    Hey, u can kik @renedorni , if u want to "chat"

  4. Mendura

    Mendura Member

    haha sure ;)
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  5. steven94187

    steven94187 New Member

    Steven land kik name
  6. Writeintherain

    Writeintherain New Member

    Hey if you're real sure. Writeintherain
  7. dcald923

    dcald923 New Member



  9. Redo

    Redo Member

    Did u kik me? If yes, pls reply
  10. Mendura

    Mendura Member

    why not
  11. Mendura

    Mendura Member

    i did
  12. johnjohn123

    johnjohn123 New Member

    kik me johnschryver
  13. Kik me masterbanger69
  14. Mendura

    Mendura Member

    yep mister
  15. peter1902

    peter1902 New Member

  16. manston2010

    manston2010 Member

  17. Dabben dragon

    Dabben dragon New Member

    Dabbendragon 18/m

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