Animal organisms on Earth sigh from

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    animal organisms on Earth sigh from aa carnivorous predators but some delegate they disintegrate when netted to grasp the largest sidebar for we've ever measured was one meters in link survivors were gelatinous predators this and other curtain tentacles that will capture anything that happens to blunder into it they are unusual in that their colonial animals alpha zxt it's a colony that behaves like a single organism they made up of multicellular individuals work together although each as a specialized functions iPhone is like a cooperative made up of thousands of conjoined twins each designed to perform a specific task I’ll like and colonies there are specialized individuals who have particular functional roles within the community there are propulsive units there are individuals that our reproductive elements there are individuals whose role is to catch and digest Funs and nothing like it can be found on land experts com decide how to classified do you treated as colony do treated has an individual or do you think a bit as some sort of super organist which is of in the fall back position well its ...

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