21 F looking for male slaves.

Discussion in 'Kik Messenger Sexting' started by JDa21, May 29, 2015.

  1. JDa21

    JDa21 New Member

    Post your age / KIK ID below.

    Make sure you have a face pic on here or on KIK or I won't msg you.

    No fakes. :) no experience required but be eager.

    Slaves can earn rewards ;)
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  2. per//u

    per//u New Member

    per//u and 20yo
  3. brady2569

    brady2569 New Member

    Brad_2598 21 m...im eager... ;)
  4. BfuckingCool

    BfuckingCool Member

    21 M my kik is BfuckingCool

    Please i need a Mistress!
  5. Snap_x22

    Snap_x22 Member

    17 snap_x22
  6. Irishdream

    Irishdream New Member

    Irishlove1987/28 eager
  7. MindSteel

    MindSteel New Member

  8. Smash.82

    Smash.82 New Member

    Smash.82 add me, you won't regret it
  9. Smash.82

    Smash.82 New Member

  10. kulkkana

    kulkkana New Member

    kik: kulkkana
  11. loopyclover13

    loopyclover13 New Member

    Face pic on kik
    Very eager no experience
  12. pandawhite4

    pandawhite4 New Member

    Ot Wv
    pandawhite4 (have pic)
  13. Hustlinhuppie

    Hustlinhuppie New Member

    Hustlinhuppie (I'm eager and have a fat cock)
  14. Michael Foster

    Michael Foster New Member

    Michael Foster
    22 years
    I want to serve you Mistress, I want to pleasure you.
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  15. RyeIsAwesome

    RyeIsAwesome New Member

    18 Ryeisawesome
  16. Hellt

    Hellt New Member

    Add RicardiotheHeartguy on kik
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  17. Spencer6578

    Spencer6578 Member

    15 and my kik is itssnypi
  18. neosin

    neosin New Member

    macleod1987 m28
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  19. unknowen674

    unknowen674 New Member

    Unknowen674 18m

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